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Long Time, Newgrounds

2009-04-21 00:01:41 by BucketHatBobby

It's been a long time since I have been a regular member here. Years, in fact. Before blogs were here, either way. I didn't leave for any real reason other than I was too busy, and flash animation had taken a backseat to my other works.
Now that I am trained in television production, audio production, and writing, and as I will be out of school soon, I may try make a cartoon or two to launch myself back into the NG community.

I'm also going to be putting some demo songs of mine into the audio portal (one of which i uploaded a few days ago.) and I may try get some voice-acting work in, too.

If I remember correctly, I should apply in a voice acting forum?


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2009-04-21 00:26:45

Demo's are a good first step. Getting people exposed to your shit should be your first stop.

Welcum baaaaack


2009-04-21 01:52:02

It's the Random Society yeah everybody come and see.

BHB is the SHIT.


2009-04-21 02:32:39

Interesting song.


2009-04-21 12:30:13

man, you shouldnt have leaved newgrounds, its 0ne of t3h bestest placez in t3h world
you wont regret coming back


2009-04-21 15:14:03

Wow, I didn't know you used to come to Newgrounds! (I've been following the Masters of Song Fu competition you're in.)
Anyway, welcome back, now I'm gonna go and watch all of your flash...

BucketHatBobby responds:

Haha. I didn't know any newgrounders followed MoSF.
I actually started playing music so I could make background music for my cartoons, then liked making music more than cartoons, so went in a different direction.

Had I have stuck with flash, I would have had one kickass cartoon on here, but i quit and lost my files... or vise-versa... maybe I quit because I was frusterated I lost my files.
Either way, I had half an awesome cartoon made, and it's gone.


2009-04-21 22:02:04


(this is trippingmetal by the way, i had a radass namechange)